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Established as New Zealand's Premier Independent Dealer

  • WCD vehicles come with FULL $209 AA Inspections.
  • All fresh WCD Japanese import vehicles come with the highest grade auction sheets & AA speedo certified.
  • WCD is the only car yard to get a 100% audit pass for best business practice from the Motor Trade Association.
  • Team WCD has won awards from the Chamber of Commerce, Motor Trade Association, and Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association.
  • WCD is New Zealand’s most awarded used car yard.
  • We have been open 18 years, sold over 20,000 cars and have never been in the Motor Vehicles Disputes Tribunal.
  • WCD is the market leader when it comes to pure hand on heart honesty.

Trust your best friend, not a car dealer.

  • Always get your own mechanic to look over a used motor vehicle prior to purchase or organise your own third party pre purchase inspection.
  • Vehicle appraisals from any dealer will never ever pick up what a full inspection will, or your own mechanic.
  • A Full AA inspection from the New Zealand Automobile Association in our experience is THE MOST thorough, TRUSTED inspection in NZ.
  • Buying any used vehicle subject to a satisfactory FULL mechanical check will always ensure you are buying safe.

Our Heart - Our Team

It has taken decades of trial and error to get where we are today, for the first time we have the right team. The reason for this team’s success is the complete daily focus in the daily pursuit of excellence.
We do not fear failure thanks to our embracement of excelsior (forever upward) personally and professionally. Our team is because we all are, this is our team’s strength.
Every member of our team has an important voice. Communication is the most important aspect of our team’s success.
Everything provided by Tracy & Gargz (Directors) with their family first understanding, gives the team assistance for growth professionally and personally in abundance.
This gives our team great heart, providing a great work life balance. Also providing lightness in our team and their family’s day to day lives.
We invite you to experience the WCD difference and the pleasure of doing business with just good, honest Kiwi’s.


I work as an agent for the finance companies, this means that I have a range of options available when it comes to tailoring or meeting your needs. Dealing with only one finance company tends to restrict choice and sometimes leads to having to rely on their insurance packages and rates. This is one of the key reasons in dealing with an agent, as finding a deal and having the desire to secure you the best rate available is what I do best.

I am an expert in the field- My aim is to use my experience to insure you have an answer, or at the very least a way forward when financing with Wholesale Cars Direct. With many products on the market, I see my job as purely information based… allowing you to choose the best option that works for you, rather being sold to. Flexibility, short or long term, deposit or no deposit… I facilitate your choice for you and will have you driving away in your vehicle in no time.

If you would like a pre-approval or get a general understanding of the process please call me on 0800 22 44 02 extension 2, or email me at .

From mechanical, electric and electronic extended warranties, to interior or exterior paint/fabric and leather protection, we can facilitate anything.

Be it standard vehicle electrics, late model vehicle electronics, we believe sincerely customers need protection, as there isn’t many cheap bills when it comes to vehicles if something goes wrong.

Our service is impeccable but as time goes by, this is where extended warranties come into their own. The sanity of knowing you are covered by an extended warranty, is something we see many customers appreciate.

To learn more about protecting your investment Scotty is the specialist in this field.

Buy safe, Full $209 AA inspections provided with every vehicle. Along with reading Google reviews are reasons why WCD sends cars all over New Zealand weekly.

We really appreciate the most discerning buyers. They recognize the lengths we go to, to deliver on what we sell, say, and write.

Out of town buyers are our second largest customer base, this does not happen by chance.

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Buy Safe

Being as honest as the day is long. The risks involved are very real when buying a secondhand vehicle. Especially out of town. Through buy safe we hope to help reduce the risk. Even if people were not to buy from WCD, we sincerely hope we’ve helped guide someone from making a very expensive mistake.

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