The WCD Difference

Always learning and never being complacent.

Growth is moving forward as a team professionally, emotionally and personally therefore growing and improving the company, team and ourselves daily. With the hope that this flows to the personalised WCD difference, customer experience and product.

By building up others which is our focus we in turn build ourselves and the brand. This is the essence of what separates Wholesale Cars Direct from the rest as it’s like this team and business has a heart. You can almost feel the difference when you enter WCD.

For the team at Wholesale Cars Direct, coming together was the beginning, staying together has been our progress and working together is our success. Almost all of the team has been together for 15 years. Nothing happens by chance at WCD, we really hope you give the team a chance to experience the WCD difference. We know and respect highly that you have a choice.

This team has created one true Multi Award Winning Dealership in which we are all very proud to be part of...


Over the past fifteen years Wholesales Cars Direct has been growing and perfecting the car buying experience, we have been acknowledged multiple times with awards from the Motor trade association/MTA, Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association and The Chamber of Commerce.

Our recent Audit from the Motor Trade Association based on industry standards, scored Wholesale Cars Direct a perfect 100 out of 100.

Awards that Wholesale Cars Direct have been awarded include:

– Chamber Of Commerce Best Business For Retail & Hospitality
– Chamber of Commerce Overall Supreme Business Of The Year
– Chamber of Commerce Best Emerging Business
– Chamber of Commerce Best New Business
– MTA Wellington Regional Used Dealer Of The Year
– MTA Supreme Regional Used Dealer Of The Year
– IMVIA Large North Island Dealership Of The Year


The selection of our superior vehicles, in-depth product knowledge of our motivated sales team, and innovative presentation, all culminate to position Wholesale Cars Direct as a clear market leader.

At the dealership we have a children's play area, standard children car seats, iso fix car seats, booster seats available to use for test drive, baby changing area, a café-style barista-quality espresso coffee/tea area and wheelchair access toilets.

Being an independent dealer we can offer every model in every class; we specialise in late model/low mileage vehicles.

We have three specialised showrooms and four outside yards, there is never a rainy day at Wholesale Cars Direct!

Our Latest Electric vehicle and Hybrid vehicle showroom and yard.

4WD/SUV/Recreational vehicle yard and showroom.

European vehicle showroom and yard.

6,7 and 8+ Multi seat vehicles showroom and yard.

Specialist Station wagon yard.

Specialist hatchback area split in two, for European hatchbacks and Japanese brand hatchbacks.

Our dealership consists of every make and model, wagons, SUVs, people mover, sedans and hatches.


A preparedness to go the extra mile (and invest the extra dollar) is what sets Wholesale Cars Direct apart. In a nut shell, Wholesale Cars Direct has hard-wired quality into every facet of our operation.

The Wholesale Cars Direct business model more reflects that of a franchise operation, only much much better and personal. Each step of the process from vehicle sourcing, vehicle checks and customer support is clearly defined and consistent.

Training and personal development support ensures the consistent application of all of our business systems and processes. As we have said, NOTHING is left to chance.

If a car is too cheap, it's too cheap for a reason. We will not at Wholesale Cars Direct ever sacrifice quality for our brand.

So if you are looking for a vehicle and based anywhere in New Zealand, you can be assured it will be of the true highest quality available on the market. It’s who WE are.

The people

Behind the scenes, what really makes Wholesale Cars Direct is everyone that works here and how we deliver on what we say.

Our culture is team oriented in ever facet of what we do. Internally we don’t have managers, the whole team is seen as a support person for everyone on the day from a team member to a customer. This allows the team to be more equal and brings more confidence where everyone takes more accountability daily.

It is true in WCD not one person is larger than the team. Our support team makes a massive difference. Together we do great things daily, it’s just more fun this way.

The team and support culture helps everyone be so aware of the necessity to strive for perfection. We cannot measure anything else other than perfection, that is our standard. This allows the team to work towards our goal of being the most professional dealership in New Zealand daily.

It is because of our long term goal that we do not see other yards as competition, in our minds no dealership can compete with our pride on what we deliver. Our detail improves daily.

This is clear to see when walking into the dealership or if from afar reading our testimonials. We set our goals internally through individual growth, relentless improvement on simpler smarter platforms and models daily.

For example if a team member sends an email in WCD, if the email creates a question then that email is wrong unless a question is asked directly. We work in full on time, creating a question creates double handling when that question was created from not thinking.

We do such things that if a customer’s vehicle comes back with an issue where it’s a blatant WCD process failure, we get the job sorted ASAP and deliver the customer’s car back clean and with a full tank of gas. It’s just what we do.

Not only to give great service but to acknowledge failure. We believe if all we hear in business is good news, we haven’t got a great business. So when anything goes wrong, we have to turn it into good news as soon as possible.

This even makes failure fun.

Where true quality and service comes into play we believe we are the Pied Piper of the New Zealand import car industry, as we are forever leading the way, with no expense spared.

From being New Zealand’s first large importer of not importing accident grade cars, to no rust cars, to no cigarette smelling cars, to full mechanical checks, transparent information all culminates to quality. It’s what we do, that’s who we are.

We care about two fence lines, that is our team’s work one, we don’t have time nor want to look over it at any other car yard. As long as everyone is happy in our fence line everything is okay. The other fence line is our home fence line, with our culture, WCD tries very hard to compliment the team’s home fence lines with a better standard of living and from our human resource and well-being focus.

We never operate in desperation mode at any time because we work towards our goals personally and professionally more than the sale to achieve what we do. Therefore we are able to sustain the higher level of product and service that we have done consistently for so long.

Because if we were to panic, we would panic slowly to allow us to make the right decisions in pressured times.

And in hard times we love perspective. That is, is it a tidal wave or just a ripple? Well unless someone close to us passes, it’s just a ripple.

We have never had staff, we have a team. We believe we now have the best team with the best culture, with the best ethics, that is the real WCD difference, our team, our people. Hopefully you make it into WCD or online to allow us to show you the WCD difference. People buy from people first, we know you have a choice and really look forward to meeting you.