Always learning. Complacency is our enemy; our attitude is everything.

Wholesale Cars Direct has grown over the years, originally selling the cheapest low price cars, evolving to become New Zealand’s Premier independent dealership with a premium product.
We have the most ethical processes before each vehicle becomes ready for sale.

We spend so you don’t have too, this in some cases comes at a small extra cost, our standards are our own…

With annual warrant of fitness’s, it is near impossible to go back to a dealer with faults after twelve months. Eliminate this by taking a little time out getting a full inspection, this is already done at WCD as we do Full Vehicle inspection on every vehicle. When it comes to vehicle condition and what is required by a dealer, we go above many of the guidelines provided by AA, MTA and NZTA. One example is tyres. They can have splitting, or serious cracked edges but can be considered as acceptable condition for a warrant of fitness. But this is not to the WCD standard, so when you walk around our dealership, you will notice many of our vehicles have new sets of tyres. These WCD standards do have costs associated, we spend on average $20,000 on the AA reports and $30,000 on tyres per month.

Over the last 20 years we have had people come and go. This team of Tracy, Gargz, Ashok, Ryan, Mose, Stu, Aj, and Scotty are the most honest, down to earth group of people we have ever had. It is so much fun working in a place where we can 100% trust and enjoy everyone.

We do not have managers as everyone simply buys into and works towards the company goal. Keeping everything as simple as we can for service and product quality to stay at the forefront of what we do daily.

Closing Sundays shows the WCD commitment. There are two reasons we do this, 1. for our families, 2. so we can maintain the energy and freshness to uphold our standards.

Closing Sundays means our Saturday demand is very high. Due to this sometimes we can’t give some customers the time and service we would love too and pride ourselves on. On the off chance this was to happen to you, we apologise in advance.

Team WCD works relentlessly to deliver on what we say. Our repeat customers and out of town buyers have become our two largest customer bases. Nothing happens by chance at Wholesale Cars Direct.

Our proven process’s, team and ethics have led to these awards.

– Chamber Of Commerce Best Business For Retail & Hospitality
– Chamber of Commerce Overall Supreme Business Of The Year
– Chamber of Commerce Best Emerging Business
– Chamber of Commerce Best New Business
– MTA Wellington Regional Used Dealer Of The Year
– MTA Supreme Regional Used Dealer Of The Year
– IMVIA Large North Island Dealership Of The Year

Our recent Audit from the Motor Trade Association based on industry standards, scored Wholesale Cars Direct a perfect 100 out of 100.