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Established as New Zealand's Premier Independent Dealer

  • WCD vehicles come with FULL independent mechanical inspections.
  • All fresh WCD Japanese import vehicles come with the highest grade auction sheets & AA speedo certified.
  • WCD is the only car yard to get a 100% audit pass for best business practice from the Motor Trade Association.
  • Team WCD has won awards from the Chamber of Commerce, Motor Trade Association, and Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association.
  • WCD is New Zealand’s most awarded used car yard.
  • We have been open 18 years, sold over 20,000 cars and have never been in the Motor Vehicles Disputes Tribunal.
  • WCD is the market leader when it comes to pure hand on heart honesty.

"WCD Spends So You Don’t Have To"

When you purchase a vehicle.

  • Unless you are a combined mechanic, auto electrician or panel beater, assume nothing.
  • A Full independent pre purchase vehicle inspection will give you complete peace of mind.
  • Cracked tyres pass warrants for example. Warrant of fitness last 12 months.
  • Buy Safe. WCD strongly promotes FULL vehicle inspections.
    Even your own mechanic inspection, at least some form of FULL inspection.
  • You would be blown away with what even our high buy standards find, with FULL inspections done.

Our Heart - Our Team

Team WCD tries to deliver a product of excellence & experience that we would want buying our own car; our standards are our own.
WCD has been going 20 plus years. Ashok, Ryan, Mose, Stu, AJ, Scotty & Gargz are the most genuine true selfless team.

Our team is because we all are. Communication being the most important aspect of WCD.
We do not have managers as everyone buys into the formula of WCD excellence that we work towards daily.
We can measure a 100%. We can’t measure anything else.
It is a lot easier than you may think when you have the communication lines & standards we have.

People will buy from people first.
We are people who will try & help you as much as we can during & after the sale every time.

Scotty Duncan For Finance + Vehicle Consultant 0800 22 44 02 EXTN 2 0800 22 44 02 EXTN 2 022 071 2299 022 071 2299

My focus is ensuring your experience is positive, transparent, and informative.
I will Listen to your needs and create a package to suit you. There is lots of Flexibility, short or long term, deposit, or no deposit… I will do my best to prepare you for the road ahead no matter where you are in New Zealand.

First step – Complete this application

Apply for Finance

Your finance application could be as quick as 45 minutes from application to drive away.
I am only as good as the correct information you enter.
If you get stuck while doing the application, please phone in work hours 0800 22 44 02 0800 22 44 02 ext 2, I will complete this for you.
I am here to help.

Terms and Conditions

From mechanical & electrical breakdown insurance (warranty). Interior or exterior paint/fabric & leather protection, please enquire with Scotty.

We are experiencing how specialised Hybrid & Electric vehicle technicians are. Along with this, seeing how few of these technicians are in New Zealand.
As examples, standard vehicle electrics, late model vehicle electronics & hybrid transmission repairs are so expensive.
We are seeing costs increase substantially with new generation vehicles & believe customers need protection more than ever.

Our service is impeccable but as time goes by mechanical & electrical breakdown insurance comes into its own.
To learn more about protecting your investment, Scotty is the specialist in this field.

Buy safe, Full Independent vehicle inspections provided with every vehicle. Along with reading our Google reviews are reasons why WCD sends vehicles all over New Zealand weekly.

We really appreciate the most discerning buyers. They recognize the lengths we go to, to deliver on what we sell, say, and write.

Out of town buyers are our second largest customer base, this does not happen by chance.

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Buy Safe

Being as honest as the day is long. The risks involved are very real when buying a secondhand vehicle. Especially out of town. Through buy safe we hope to help reduce the risk. Even if people were not to buy from WCD, we sincerely hope we’ve helped guide someone from making a very expensive mistake.

Buy Safe Checklist


Apply for Finance with Scotty

Please complete the following application form to apply for finance through Wholesale Cars Direct.

Looking for more information on finance?

View our finance information page here to learn about our commitment to responsible lending as well as how our weekly finance repayments are calculated.

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The Privacy Act 2020

I/we authorise Wholesale Cars Direct* to collect, retain and use the personal information about me/us, for the purposes of:

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  • To credit agencies for the purpose of maintaining proper or effective records.

I/we acknowledge that if I/we do not provide all or any part of the information requested on this application form, my/our application for finance may be declined. I/we further acknowledge that pursuant to the Privacy Act 2020, I/we have a right of access to information collected by Wholesale Cars Direct about me/us and to request that this information be corrected. The information will be held at the office of Wholesale Cars Direct, 5 Railway Avenue, Alicetown, Lower Hutt or the registered offices of any party nominated by Wholesale Cars Direct.

*Wholesale Cars Direct and other associated third parties

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