Our team

Our team is everything, we are Wholesale Cars Direct.

Wholesale Cars Direct is a locally owned and operated family business. The wife and husband team of Tracy (Wellington), Gargz (Southland) now with their young son Duqe all residing in Waikanae is where the integral family values of Wholesale Cars Direct begin. Over the Corona Virus lockdown Tracy, Gargz and the current team got the opportunity to come together to work on our culture and take WCD to a pretty special place with a winning team formula. That being ‘yesterday has gone, tomorrow hasn’t happened yet, so let’s not worry about tomorrow and put all the energy into today, today being the best day’. The family focus in WCD is relentless. From recognising the team's partner anniversaries, team and partners birthdays, to most importantly our children's birthdays so the parents are always there to pick up their children from school on their child's birthday. That’s just a snippet of the reflection of our team’s reciprocal culture. WCD is forever changing, always improving, be it personally or professionally with the help and support from our two Directors and team mates that is simply next level. Not matched in any business that this team is aware of. Tracy and Gargz are not and never have been bigger than the brand. What they provide the team to provide what we do for our customers and families comes from the heart and determination to bring the best in everything we do at a level never seen before in the New Zealand used car industry.

This is why the team have written this and the following:

At Wholesale Cars Direct rather than focusing purely on output, we set our Team goal around customer service and measure our goal on customer satisfaction, the rest we find follows naturally. We will give you the most honest trusted experience in purchasing a vehicle. Our product speaks for itself, but it’s our team that makes the WCD difference. We have some of the most loyal Husbands and partners, some of the best Dads. Given most of us have been working together at Wholesale Cars Direct for 15 years, we have some great mates. People buy from people first. This is the best team and group of people Wholesale Cars Direct has ever had in 15 years. The honesty and integrity is unmatched in the industry, as is our product.

In March 2020 our team voted to have Sundays off. The basis of this was for the team to spend more time with their wives, partners and children. In a couple of cases this has given the ability for team members to go back to Church for the first time in years. Sundays were an integral part of the business, being one of our busiest days. But family time being irreplaceable and the length of service this team has given, this was an easy decision to make amongst ourselves. We also close for three weeks every Christmas.

The well-being of our team is so important. Our standards are so high, we believe in perfection, 100%, only because that’s our standard. We can’t measure a B or 90%. The company goal has always been, to be the most professional dealership in New Zealand. It’s been like this for 15 years, that goal will never change, it’s now in the blood and this team has achieved this. As a commitment to our team’s wellness, we have such facilities as our gym memberships being paid for by the company. Life coaches and counsellors are also paid by the company. We also receive free extramural education no matter what the cost. This culminates to covering our health, mental wellness and education for those that want to extend their career path in any way. All team members also get their fuel cost covered to and from work, full uniform from shoes to pants to jackets paid for. Our pay goes to our families, not work related costs.

It has taken many, many years to achieve what this team has. We believe this is the team that could help you in your search for a vehicle in what we believe to be the most ethical dealership in New Zealand. Even if you don’t buy from this team, we would hope that you enjoyed your experience with us and that we could have helped you protect your investment by buying safe. In the mean time we all hope you are enjoying the best day ever, that being today.

Warmest regards
Team WCD